About Us

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We care about the future of North Americans.

We focus on things that make life possible.  

We want future generations to inherit a continent rich in wildlife, with plenty of room for all species to roam.  We want to feel safe knowing that our environment can weather the effects of growing human development and climate change.  We want to be proud of our natural heritage.  And we want to know that we have acted responsibly by caring for and sustaining the lands, waters and wildlife that enrich our lives. 





 Our team spans North America.

The international Wildlands Network team is a passionate, committed group consisting of our Board of Directors, members, scientific advisors and staff— all working with a sense of urgency.  Everything we do is focused on developing efficient and innovative strategies that yield more conservation results at a faster rate. 





Our network is growing.   

Our accomplishments are closely tied to the daily efforts of our growing network of international supporters, partners and allies -- all deeply connected to saving our natural world.