Kim Vacariu

At Wildlands Network:  Kim Vacariu is the Western Director for the Wildlands Network. He currently works with a broad range of local, state, and federal agencies, conservation groups, elected officials and private citizens to implement Wildlands Network Conservation Plans in the western U.S.

Kim currently coordinates the Western Wildway Network Initiative – a collaborative strategy to protect wildlife corridors along the Western Wildway stretching from Alaska south to Mexico. Kim also has been instrumental in elevating the recognition of ecological concerns related to the construction of border security infrastructure blocking U.S.-Mexico wildlife linkages, and has organized and convenes influential “Border Ecological Symposiums” designed to halt that work.  He has authored numerous articles and papers devoted to raising awareness of the importance of large-scale landscape connectivity, and has presented at many national conferences.  Kim was co-author in 2000 of the Sky Islands Wildlands Network Design -- the first of six “WNDs” published to date by the Wildlands Network.  He previously served as Wildlands Network's Communications Director from 1998-2000.

Off the Clock: Kim and his wife are celebrating the recent completion of a new home that required 2 years and the laying of 4,000 adobes -- a project that Kim says made him "a lot younger and a lot older."  Now, with nothing to do, he is constructing a 3/4-mile-long jogging trail around his property that will allow close-up encounters with the deer, javalina, coyotes, roadrunners and rattlesnakes that he has come to know and love.

Background: Kim has a BS in Journalism from Kent State University, and was the founder, editor, and publisher of the Steamboat Springs Review (Colorado), a conservation-focused newspaper, and received that city’s “Shining Star Award” for community environmental service in 1996. Kim works from the Wildlands Network’s Portal, Arizona field office. Image