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From donating their work to sharing a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their art, the generous contributions of our artist partners plays a huge role in the success of our communications efforts.  We would also like to thank Susan Morse for her cougar and lynx Keystone Species images, and our staff, in particular, Kenyon Fields,  for his many, many image contributions and Tracey Butcher for her compelling work.

Wildlands Network Image

Featured Image:  "submerged in his erotic mystification"

Background Story on Image: My paintings are celebratory hybrids of myth, natural history, and science; the world pictured stretches between the tidy "truth" and the messy question. They depict a world in flux, a Nature imploding and dissolving. But this dissolution is also an opening of the senses, the seepage of magic and mystery into the picture. Image

Featured image: Part of the Denali Mountain Range, Alaska

Background story on image: This was my first time to visit Alaska. The peacefulness in the presence of something so breathtaking is what really stands out in my memory. We are blessed with such majestic scenery in this country.

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Background: Larry has been photographing wildlife and natural history subjects for more than 50 years.  After doctoral and post-doctoral studies at the University of Michigan, Larry spent 30 years with The Nature Conservancy and with NatureServe where, as their Chief Zoologist, he oversaw the development of their central zoological databases and helped start and support state and provincial natural heritage programs and conservation data centers. Image

Background: Oscar is the Executive Director of Naturalia, Mexico - a non-profit conservation organization founded in 1990 by a group of citizens concerned with the critical situation of wild species in Mexico. With headquarters in Mexico City, the organization plans and develops projects to recover and protect degraded ecosystems and threatened species.

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Background: Philip is a professional videographer/photographer with over 15 years of experience. He has a passion for wildlife and conservation subject matter, and has worked in amazing locations around the globe. Philip has shot for many television programs, most notably Jack Hanna's "Into the Wild", which has won several Daytime Emmy awards. For nearly 10 years Philip has taught photography at the college level and is currently the Associate Course Director of Digital Photography at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Image

Background: Every weekend and holiday for nearly 20 years, Scott has nurtured his passion and honed his photographic skills, only recently pursuing his career full time. Lacking formal training, his craft is one learned through trial and error. Through the years Scott's stills work has been published worldwide through agencies in London and Tokyo. Credits include National Geographic, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick, Audubon, Field & Stream and Outdoor Life Magazines, as well as dozens of books and calendars.

Featured image: Mule Deer Image

Background: I started out as an artist, became a pilot, and ended up where I am now: nature photographer and educator…hope you enjoy the images and useful products.

Featured Image: Bison at sunset