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Latest News

 Science Magazine's Erik Stokstad's story on the red wolves should be read by every wildlife advocate.  The red wolf's future hangs in the balance, as the dubiously organized comment period has closed and the USFWS awaits a decision on the success of the 30-year old red wolf introduction plan from an equally dubious review panel., September 26th.

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Wildlands Network’s Southeast Program team had been under the impression that the USFWS was going to conduct their review of the red wolf program in-house and announce the results sometime very soon. That was bad enough, but now things have taken a bit of a turn for the worse:

Don't miss this incredible footage and story.  

Wildlands Connection features include: new Eastern cougar work, an interview with Spine of the Continent author Mary Ellen Hannibal, a conservation community call by E.D. Greg Costello, the details on an upcoming safari to Africa with Michael Soulé and more....

  The United States Fish and Wildlife Service has just announced that it proposes to delist the gray wolf...  

Wildlands Network has just joined the Western Environmental Law Center and additional conservation organizations in urging the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (“Service”) to pursue a more protective approach with its proposed plan for reintroduction of wolverine in Colorado and adjacent states.

Wildlands Network is announcing a transition in leadership for 2013. After eight years of dedicated and visionary leadership, Margo McKnight stepped down as executive director in December 2012. With Wildlands Network since 2004, Margo successfully navigated the organization through challenging economic times while maintaining a strategic focus. A woman of many talents, she is an accomplished artist and is looking forward to having, at last, time to commit to her art.