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The Monumental Future for Our Grand Canyon

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Monument Making, a Way Forward for the Grand Canyon

A Monumental Future for Our Grand Canyon

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Our Grand Journey Lies Ahead:  MAKE A MONUMENT!

Mexican Send-off Festivities Honor Trekker Davis


TrekWest...an Epic Journey to Save Our Wild West is About to Begin

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Where has our “Wild” West gone?

It's a reality that gets tougher to handle every day: roads and development are hemming in our spectacular wildlands, trapping our amazing wild animals in habitats too small, and offering no way out.

But ...there is a way-- over, under and around it.

Western Wildway[sup]©[/sup]

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The Western Wildway Initiative (Spine of the Continent Initiative© )-connects the world's largest network of conservation lands.

National parks, natural icons and spectacular wildlife will thrive with connection of wild places.   

Our Network

We unite the conservation community with a single vision.

Our international network thinks big.

Wildlands Network represents a vast and growing network of ranchers, hunters, anglers, nature lovers, conservation partners and new allies, spanning North America. Together, we are working to protect enough wild places in North America to sustain wildlife and people through the 21st Century. Our network is working to complete four Continental Wildways (large landscapes for wildlife movement) that span Mexico, the U.S. and Canada.