Bill Would Protect 1.7 Million Acres Near Grand Canyon as National Monument

PHOENIX, Ariz. (November 3, 2015)— Conservation groups today applauded the Navajo Nation and the Hopi, Havasupai, and Hualapai tribes for their leadership in advancing a national monument proposal to permanently protect public lands around Grand Canyon from new uranium mining and to protect important cultural and natural resources.

Habitat Connectivity Gets Boost from New Wilderness Designation

Another Piece of the Western Wildway Falls Into Place -- Boulder-White-Clouds Bill protects 275,000 acres in Idaho.  See Map and Learn More.

Southeast Coastal Plain Program

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Our Vision of Conservation Success for the Southeast Coastal Plain

Eastern Wildway

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 A conservation network for the East:  long in coming, now growing.

Western Wildway[sup]©[/sup]

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The Western Wildway Initiative (Spine of the Continent Initiative© )-connects the world's largest network of conservation lands.

National parks, natural icons and spectacular wildlife will thrive with connection of wild places.   


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Creating landscapes for life

Humans need highways, wildlife needs Wildways©

Just as humans use highways that span state and national boundaries for many essential purposes, wildlife needs Wildways to travel the distances required to find a mate, breed and to keep genetic variability strong.