Boreal Wildway©

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Canadians working to save one of the world’s largest intact forest ecosystems

 The Canadian Boreal Initiative (CBI) is working with a wide range of conservation organizations, First Nations tribes, industry, and other interested parties to link science, policy and conservation activities in Canada's boreal forest.

This spectacular forest ecosystem, filled with lakes and wetlands moderates Canada’s climate, produces oxygen and purifies the water we drink. It is the source of life to aboriginal peoples and home to thousands of species of animals, birds, plants and insects. Consider the following facts about the boreal forest: It is home to more than 90 percent of the country's remaining large intact forestlands and more than four million people. With a small hub in Ottawa, the CBI also partners with non-governmental organizations, First Nations and others across the country in on-the-ground boreal conservation work. The Wildlands Network served as the scientific inspiration for this connectivity program and will continue to contribute to conservation planning in this area.

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