Epic Journey to Save Our Wild West is About to Begin

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Where has our “Wild” West gone?

It's a reality that gets tougher to handle every day: roads and development are hemming in our spectacular wildlands, trapping our amazing wild animals in habitats too small, and offering no way out.

But ...there is a way-- over, under and around it.

TrekWest adventurer John Davis believes, if we learn to work together now, we can save what we love before it's too late. If we connect our best wild places, we will give wildlife enough room to survive and do what comes naturally -- keeping our landscapes and communities healthy.

In November 2011, John completed a 7,500-mile TrekEast in just he's anxious to get started on his TrekWest. In late January 2013, he will start in Sonora, Mexico and work his way up the Rocky Mountain chain until he reaches Fernie, British Columbia.

It promises to be far more than a walk in the park or a gentle float...but then again, physical challenges are are not the mission. It's about identifying problems and supporting their solutions. Taking the route of grizzlies, cougars and jaguars, John will be experiencing their greatest challenges in getting where they need to go. This alone, however, would accomplish little. He will go the extra mile, meeting conservation heroes and learning about amazing projects that are key to connecting western wild places. Then it's up to us to put some muscle behind these programs... and quickly. Here's how:

  • Experience life on the wild side... live John's 10-month, 5,000-mile human-powered journey by following him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites. Check out what's going on in your favorite area of the West as he passes through. Learn about the great animals of the West and why we need them to survive.
  • Help Keep the “Wild West” wild... please sign up today to join the Wildlands Network and donate now to help make John's TrekWest a continental success!
  • Want to know more? Our TrekWest microsite,, is almost ready...but until then, please find out more by opening the attached press release and John's Trail Map!

Thank You! for helping to connect and protect safe pathways for wildlife and create healthier communities in the West.

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